There are many people who write blogs.  Many write their blogs because they have something that needs to be shared with other writers.  Or, perhaps they write because they need to build a fan base for their more conventional writing.  Maybe it might be because they think at some point they will make money from their blog.

But for those who write, is writing a blog living a life of writing?

Blogs can be likened to emails, for them to be effective, you have to do something with them.  They can also be great ways to draw traffic to you– as a writer.  As a side benefit, if you are worried that you are having writer’s block, then you can sometimes “write it out” with a good blog post.

Yes, you might be able to make some money both directly and indirectly with your blog.  You don’t however, need to make money, but you ought to think of writing as something you do for a living.  It’s hard work to make people read a good blog post…

But you have to keep writing posts for a blog.  You also need to keep writing and publishing books, (or e-books) but you need to think of all the points you want to share with your friends and family who might read your blog, and also the many readers who stop by and comment.

(I have to be clear about this:  I am not suggesting that each blog post needs to be a masterpiece, but it should be something that you personally found fun to write and didn’t feel it just “had to go up”)

You have to love writing a blog, and you have to have some measurable goals in your writing life.  If you plan to write a bestselling, or many bestselling books, you need to begin by publishing a book.  Writing a blog can help you with your goal.

The same holds true if you want to write a blog: you have to plan it carefully because it is a means to show people how you write and how much you love writing.  If you can show your audience this, then no matter what, you will see a lot of success.

So, if you are writing a blog for the right reasons — then you are living a life of writing.