The Difference Between Content and Writing

Any writer can write, and this is the point of what it means to write.  There are about a million blogs out there on different topics, from writing to making money to building a business to publishing and the list goes on.  
The key to knowing what you are in this vast ocean of cyberspace is to know what you are writing about:  Content or Writing.

While they are on the surface the same idea, when you begin to look at the details they are quite a bit different.  The more successful writers will use both to their advantage.  In fact it is the best writers who know what is the same and what is different about the two things.

Content: This word is most often thrown around the net when someone will say “look at your content.”  The other famous comment is”content is king. This is not in reference, however unfortunate to the actual writing or the understanding that a reader might have. Content is also used in reference to what is written, and what the writer of this content is trying to tell the reader. The biggest challenge in writing content, and not focusing on writing, is that you can lose your reader with grammar issues. 

There is even a suggestion that you make deliberate misspellings to get traffic from search engines, and thereby make money with your content.  Unfortunately this method is not as professional as many others, since the majority of people do spell correctly.  If you are using your content to make money and not to inform others, this is a drawback in the long run.  Done correctly, content is something which all writers both on their blogs and other websites need to consider.

Done incorrectly, and people will complain.  Not about your content, but about your writing.  It takes a talent to be able to convey what you need to give to your readers.  Which is where writing takes control.

Writing:  The main difference between writing is that with writing you care more about the grammar and spelling and the communication than you would in regards to how the blog or website looks.  You are more passionate about certain subject which will in the long term will build your body of work, and also allow you to be viewed by the writing community as a person dedicated to the craft of writing.

The other difference is that if you focus on writing, there is a chance that the writer in you might become you own worst critic. This really means that you will spend a lot of time worrying about a misplaced comma or semi-colon than what you are writing about.  There are many times when writing is important, and it needs to be important to all writers, but at the expense of publishing or becoming a more productive writing, it is not worth the cost.

Both require balance and both are of value but you must now the difference or you will not see success in your writing and your overall business, there are many ways of writing content and writing creatively

It is as they say publish or perish!

It is also a balance that takes the passion of writing and the business of writing and builds it up from there.