Publishing as a Business

Sometimes, most writers will not think of publishing as a business, they simply write the story they want to write and then set out to publish it.  But really publishing is a business.

For example let us say that you live in the United States, but you want to publish your work overseas, you have a book on the history of say, Spain and you want some publisher in Spain to publish your work. You need to find a company who not only speaks English but who is also willing to publish in both Spanish and English.

You need to think about this for a moment, as a lot of books now are republished in different languages, although, most books in North America are published in English, even in certain areas of North America there is a language which is spoken more than English. Still this is a business, and to publish means you need to think long term.  Your market in this case can be found in both North America and Also in Spain.  So, this would make good business sense to plan on publishing with a publishing house that has the ability to translate and market your book in both languages.

So, when you expand on on small thing such as a language, you can expand on a lot of ideas about publishing which is why writers need to think of publishing as a business.

Writing for a living has challenges, but when as a writer you think long term and in term of a business you will see more success.

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