Why I Hate….

I am having a day.

I can’t write, of course this means that I want to go to bed and rethink my life. But I have doodled a bit, and found that ink spots on paper looks great.

Hm, perhaps I should do my writing on a napkin and try it that way.

My laptop though is looking pretty bad today, I am not sure if I want to look at it, and keep writing. To hard a topic or to much brain waves hitting the air.

I must say I can almost tell someone why I hate about everything today, and still want to write, though it will be a wash. I’ll go and dunk the paper I printed out into water. That will be fun! All that icky black water down the drain. Bad for the environment though, but satisfying.

I suspect that I am watching to much Veggietales and maybe I should see something like get Smart.

I wonder one thing, why don’t I hate writing at a moment like this?

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