On Writing Non-Fiction and Book Sales

Writing has many types of days.  There are the days when you imagine huge book sales.  Then there are the days when you wish you never thought of publishing and self-publishing or anything of that nature.  This is hard when that happens because you really do want to see success.

I want too be published, and having a slow writing day is not so good.  There are days when you think you will never be published.  I think I had one of those recently.  It’s almost impossible to have.  I couldn’t sit down and write.  Other ideas got stuck in my head.  None of them on writing my book.  And I write non-fiction!
I suppose one must be able to handle writing and the feeling you get, but I feel I should have got some new writing done. It could be worse, I could want to sleep all day and not do an single thing in terms of writing. Though most days it seems that is what I want to do, I suspect that writing this non-fiction is becoming more of a job– maybe because I am picking out all the errors and the edits I need to do.

Writing non-fiction is a job that I love. No matter what I’ll keep at it… just a few more days and then off to another phase in terms of my writing career.

As for book sales I love my marketing plan and people are getting interested in this blog so I hope that it will become a successful book. Book sales I’ve leaned come with interest in any book. It just takes time– and a published book.