Publishing, Writing, and Myths

Day 13:

It’s fun when I can create a new chapter, but it’s also fun when I recreate the new chapter to be better.

Some way it’s harder. It’s a process. A long process. I think that is why many don’t want to become writers, or don’t want to finish. Everyone had potential, but of course, to write means to be published. After a fashion. I don’t think anyone wants to hear ” This needs to be rewritten”

I now have an excellent marketing plan, which took a lot of time, but it gave me a step by step process as to what to expect. Time and energy, and the willingness to be told “this isn’t working” and thick skin.

Good news: chapter 2 is nearly edited. It takes about 5 days to type something, and at least 55 days to edit it, by the way I also spend about 6 hours a day editing.

What I’m reading:

The Singing Sword by Jack Whyte. Good book, great, although I now wish I had read the previous book the Skystone. That’s next on my list.