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Writers Are Powerful

Writing is Powerful.  You are Powerful. 

Powerful writing comes from the heart. This feeling is unique for each writer but, in a nutshell, a writer is powerful because they believe in their work.  The best way to describe a great writer is their ability to connect with their readers in a meaningful and passionate way.

It’s a fine balance on the one hand, you have to be a writer who can masterfully explain a story,  but also have the ability to charm the reader into the act of purchasing your book.  A writer needs the power of persuasion and also of the love of their book to have success. I can be passionate about A Writer’s Guide To Creative Blogging but have no sales because I am not connecting on a powerful level to my readers.  I have some influence, but not as much as I would like.  This takes a lot of time and effort and courage to do this.

When the writer puts something they are passionate about on to the page, it become easier to go through the process of writing.  Power comes from seeing this process to the end, and then continuing to be passionate and connected to the people they need to network with.  It doesn’t matter how the book comes to life, or when it happens, but that the person understands they have a powerful connection with other people.

Not everything written will have this sort of power- some are there just to make ends meet. Some need care, and effort some need improvement before the power of the writer is seen, and this can take years. Other manuscripts, forgotten for a while, or almost deleted, will become lighting in a bottle, something the writer is proud to publish.  Afterwards they become powerful supporters of their own books.  They are willing to market their writing, and push forward on their dreams.  Success defines them, but doesn’t limit them. They understand that one blog post will not make them millions, but hundreds of hours worth of re-writes and networking will.

This is a choice only the person creating this can make, no one can create the needed energy and passion for the book except the author. Each in their voice, but one thing that seems to be common for powerful writing is the style, the way a reader can be pulled to want more.

That is powerful writing.

People with writer power are like superheroes, they want to do something more than they thought they could. This was powerful, a passionate piece, if and only if, the writer can not leave it alone.

This happened to me, for a while I did not want to write a particular fantasy book I have been writing off and on for many years. It had proved challenging to myself as a writer, and I felt it was beyond my abilities to continue writing it.  It moved me, and some times it frustrated me, but it did not ‘pull’ me yet.  Recently, I looked it over. Writer power came over me, and with a simple change in character point of view, there is a change in the writing and the power of the book.

I’ve asked myself what would happen if you added passion and power to writing, and then pour your heart and soul into creating meaning for the reader?

It can’t be done each and ever time you sit down and being the writing process, no writer has that sort of power over everything, but I believe one thing. To have success for even one thing, there is an element of writer power needed.

I do not think a book will soar without it. People want something that can entertain, they also might want something that makes them think. They might want to read both Readers want a lot of unspoken things in a book that they often will not know they want. If a writer can harness this, and build on it, that is powerful writing. Readers want something which works for them, but can also be put aside and thought about later.

Adding emotional impact is only the start, adding powerful reason for being behind each major character does much to enhance a books chances of being well received. This is all a part of the writer power needed to create something better, something which can stand the test of time.

It is magical writing a book. It is magical when your own published book in your hands, and knowing you are powerful in your writing and in your life.  Writer power simply means a lot more focus and a lot more attention to every aspect of your writing.  You are powerful because you created something of value, to you and to your readers.