The Writing “Pylon” Effect

seems appropriate to talk about this particular challenge at the end of the
month, with all the days of the month behind us but not REALLY.  When a writer’s life is balanced with their personal commitments.

What I mean is
that rather than just passing by, when I look back on the past month it seems like
the days are more additive than finite sequence. It seems this principle
applies itself to shorter daily or weekly snapshots of my life as well. Busy
times just seem to get busier as the tasks “pile on”… so I call it the Pylon Effect.

some ways it’s a lot like if you had a bunch of marbles you were dropping into
the top of a pylon. There’s more space at the bottom so they begin to pile up
and weigh you down until they come to a point and overflow. Among the many
metaphors I’ve used in my time publishing on the blog, I’ll admit it’s one of the “looser”
ones, but I like the play on words so bare with me.
you choose to label it, the Pylon Effect
is a real situation for many artists. We seem to be the masochistic type that
like to take on as much as we can (granted, sometimes it’s not a choice) and then some more. You
don’t always realize how much you’ve taken on until it climaxes in an
overwhelming wash, and you’ve done nothing productive with your writing or social media goals (sort of like the pylon: you can’t see how many marbles you
have dropped in until that last one when it overflows). 
way I try and avoid letting this happen is by lifting up the pylon and letting
all the marbles lay in a single layer on the floor in the form of a visual
schedule. Something physical (not on a computer or my phone) that makes me feel
I have some tangible control over the things I’m doing. Then when I complete a
task I can physically remove it or at least track it. 

What strategies do you
use? This time is never an easy one to navigate but we are a community of
writers, and I think we have a valuable forum to help each other and share our

first few months have been excellent for starting to figure out who we are as
writers and improve from the inside out. Now it’s time for us to get back to
different writing styles and publication styles. Hopefully in the coming months
we can have more input from our readers about experiences they have had. Our
dream for this blog is to make it more of an interactive experience with our
readers and get away from just offering one perspective. Feel free to send
suggestions and experiences our way. 

You’re our audience and our inspiration…
and you keep us loving what we do!