Something I Published Might Be Older.. But Is It Still True?

I love to write, and I usually try to update things as they come.  But today I’d like to give you a quick explanation of what sort of writing I’ll be talking about over the next while.  This isn’t going to be a series but rather a commentary on two hubs I wrote a long while back.

My question is, even after such a long time are these two hubs still relavant?

They might be older, for example 10 Must Haves For A Writer is almost three years old and the other one, How Writing Has Changed My Life, is one of the first online articles I’ve even written.  I still believe that they have something to say.

The key is that even though I think they have something to say, that doesn’t mean that others still think it has as much to say as it did.  Such is the nature of a published article.  The nice thing about writing online is that you can always update your work, and build on it, but there is a life cycle to everything.

Think of a life cycle as a linked chain. They do come together in the end

Another example is creating a book where you can find two life cycles; one is the writing process and one is the publishing process.  While neither ever seems to end, there is a time when choices need to be made whether to keep the life of a book going.

Some things, though, slow down because they aren’t as “true” as they were.  This is not to say that what I wrote was a lie, but rather as I change I realize that what I wrote at that time is not what I would write now.

So, if something I published is older, is it still true?  If it is, does it help if I update it or change it to make it more true now?