Self-Publishing can Be a Pain

I’m not against self-publishing a book, I am self-publishing a book (I prefer to call this independent publishing), but there are some days when it can be a real pain. This is most true when you have a lot of things to try to do.  One is getting set up in my new office, but also getting the editing and drafts re-organized. The problem however is that while it’s simply wonderful and I’m overjoyed to have it….

 I don’t have everything exactly where I need it when I need it.  Since my next book is self-published I would really like to find my notes, or better still my corrections in paper form.  I think it’s a challenge that everyone enjoys having.

It’s life that creates challenges with writing. 

Really, I’m not complaining, but I do feel a bit overwhelmed, and I’m trying hard to keep my focus on many things.

I think it is too close to call whether I’ll get this new book out soon, but I am excited… and I’ll admit that I did need a bit of a push to keep on writing.  I think that admitting that self-publishing can be a bit of a pain when things aren’t going as planned as helped a lot.