Self-Publishing a Book Anyone?

It seems interesting to me that people seem to want to publish their writing, but then they will discount many of the methods one can use to publish it.  If your writing is great, and it has a great editor – one who is willing to tell you that your writing needs improvement – then you should try to go the traditional publishing route. I think that it is a good option.

You can also self-publish your book.  I know you might think that your book is great, and I am sure it is, but there are factors to consider when you plan on publishing your book.

For example, while my paperback sales have been great, my Kindle sales leave much to be desired.  The price for a paperback is $15.00 less the discount, but the price for the Kindle edition is $2.99.

In this case, since I self-published this book, I was able to look and give you an easy answer.  My market is a niche market, and it is also an older market.  This means that most of the people who are going to buy this book are probably going to buy it as a paperback.

Something to consider and plan carefully if you plan on self-publishing a book is marketing and who will buy your book – and in which format.  It is a slow process, but if you are serious about keeping your books in print, and then also writing another book, you need to consider all parts of the publishing process.

I think for any writer, self-publishing is a means to create interest and if you focus on your writing and get a great editor, one who is wiling to help improve your work and support you not only your writing but your publishing goals, then you can see success with self-publishing.

On a more personal note:  This blog post marks 1,000 blog posts on Living a Life of Writing.  We don’t think that we would be writing as long as we have if it was not for you– our readers.  This is a milestone for us, with success and with challenges when writing for a living, and we want to have another 1,000 blog posts with you our readers.  Many thanks.  The suggestions that you give and the comments you make really do give us solutions to this blog and to publishing.


  • mackenzie

    Congratulations on your 1000th post. That is amazing. This post has been very helpful to me. My mom is looking into self publishing a book and she doesn't really know what to do or not to do. This book was just a hobby of hers. She has been working on it for about 3 years now. It's a children's book about a little boy that wants to play in the yard but its raining. When he goes out back he finds all these creatures like a lady bug and a bird that talk to him and teach him a little bit about how the rain helps them. Does this sound like a book to be published? If so, should she go paperback? How do you get it published on Kindle? Any advice will help. Thanks for the great blog.