Write This Book

I think the hardest part about being a writer is getting back to writing, especially if you have just published a book. I am thinking of joining a writing class. A creative writing course will improve not only my writing but my focus. I think that will make my editor feel better — or worse. I am not sure which one as yet.

It was Jane’s suggestion to read aloud what I write.  This has helped me speed up my writing and also improve the speed at which I edit.

I still need to write this book.

It is not hard, but it is time consuming and I have learned from my past mistakes.  I am writing about “writing a blog.”  I think it will speak to a good market because many writers are looking for ways to improve their blog, specifically in terms of publishing a good post.

The key to success?  (Or at least some more success?) Write this book. 

The truth? Write any book and work hard on marketing that book.


  • Jamie

    For some reason I seem to have the opposite problem you do. I can sit and write out a story with very little problems. (unless you count the editing, that is always a problem) The marketing though, it always escapes me. In fact I think for every 1 hour of writing time spent I need to match that with about 4 hours of marketing time, and at the stage of life I am currently in, that much time is impossible.
    Perhaps one day…