Publishing a Draft? Think Again

You really can’t publish a half-finished work, even if you think it’s done. Someone else, multiple someone elses need to read it through and point out to you where the plot sags or the writing goes astray, and only then are you ready to publish.

Marlena said it best.  You can NOT publish a half-finished work.  I would even say, you cannot publish a work which has only been edited to a certain degree.  In other words you have to be very responsible in publishing your book.

Do you know what it means to publishing some work that makes you money or makes people want to buy it even if they do not know you?

Publishing, especially self-publishing, means that if you want to make money with your writing, you will need not only to edit it, but to market it.  The editing part is one thing, but if you have a well-edited manuscript which you publish you will have to work on word of mouth.

Some people say that publishing is a waste of money if you are not passionate about the topic you write about. I would disagree to the extent that after you have edited it, and had eyes to look it over, only then can you publish and market it.

The question most people ask is: when am I going to make my money back?

Someone who has traditionally published a book will make money only after he or she sells enough books to pay for the advance.  If not, the chances of having another book traditionally published becomes harder. I didn’t say that it can’t be done, just harder.

If you are self-publishing, what is the definition of success?

It is a bit different, but I believe you can make money once you have received the money you spent on the editing and marketing of your book.  It can be done and I am hopeful for that.  I know that I will have to publish my book in many different formats for this to be possible.

You also need an editor, and one who will not tell you what you want to hear, only what you you need to hear.  That is the start of making money with publishing.  I know that I need to have an editor tell me kindly but frankly that my work is totally unfit for publication — just so that I will work harder at making it better.

I know what it means to publish something that makes me money:  A lot of hard work!


  • Marlena Cassidy

    Oh my! Was not expecting my comment to head this post!

    It's hard to make money with publishing. You have to love what you do and be patient. Overnight success is difficult and is like chasing unicorns: You can find one, but good luck doing it.

    But yes, an editor is a must. There is no survival without one.