If someone copied yor work what would you do?

I am faced with a rather harsh reality, but some of my online writing work has been copied.  I am a bit (okay a lot!) angry about this…

Not so much that it was done, but rather the fact that they don’t even add a link to my work, and not only that make them the main author of the writing which I have done.  You can find it on hubpages, and I’ve had it around for a long while.

Still it was a bit of a shock, maybe I am too much of a writer, you know thinking that most people will not copy your work.  But a suspect that money was involved, or rather that they think that they can make money this way.

The fact is that no, if you steal some one’s work, you are stealing, and that is wrong. Fortunately there are many ways to fix that problem.  Going to Google to file a complaint is the best way to go for this, and that usually works well if you know it is stolen.  Often it is the fastest way to delete an article.  That is a money making idea gone BAD.

So I’ll throw this out what would you do if your work was copied?