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How Much is Your Blog Worth To You? ( Making Money and Otherwise?)

It is all about a great blog post.  It is all about communicating and making more readers think about what you are writing about.  This is your blog, but it is something more, it is a part of you, and you invest a lot into it.

It’s got to be good and it’s got to be something people will want to read and come back to.  It helps if you care about your writing, but it is more important you are willing to improve not only the writing but the layout of the blog.

It means countless hours, it means working with others, it means sacrifice.

It means that you have spent a lot of time working on building your blog to the point that you want to write and want to write more.   The writing of a blog post becomes second nature to the point you have a mental word count. You also, at some point want to make a bit of money from that blog you’ve created.  Make no mistake, all of us want value for what we do.  Writers also want to give value to the ones we share our writing with.

Which brings me to a question asked by a writer friend of mine “How much is your blog worth to you?”

Before you answer think about the question.  I did what most people I imagine do.  I work about an hour a day or so on my blog… which means that it’s about 24 hours or so a month, and I have a lot of readers, and I do make money with it.  So, yes it is worth something to me.  Does this pay the bills?  Not really, but it allows me to grow.

It does mean one day I’ll have to consider what sort of additions I should make, but also what sort of ways will this blog help others, if I’m not expanding my fan base, which is in more technical terms, traffic.  I need traffic from search engines as well as social media.

Both of which can earn income, but only one of which can last without my longterm efforts.  Social networking works well if you have a lot of people, and right now, I am not on as much social media.  My writing and my blog is my focus.

My next thought was can a blog be better?

My answer of course it can, it can always be better, I can improve my earnings, my traffic, my comments on this blog, but most of all, I believe I can improve on my writing.  My communication, my blogging skills.  The blog posts of old, the newer blog posts.  That is how much my blog is worth to me. It is my passion for writing expressed to a larger audience.

Writers need to make money writing.  They need to do this to either validate how they feel or learn to build their careers.  They need to be motivated when passion alone won’t help.  They need to feel the blog is getting somewhere, and there is success.  This take a long time, but it is worth the efforts a writer makes.


  • Anonymous

    Seems simple enough, I would simply go and auction it, but I doubt you would do that, at least not yet fromt eh sounds of it.

  • Damaria Senne

    As mine is a personal blog, not a subject-matter blog, it would be harder to sell to determine the value. But my blog has brought me clients (who've paid me well, thank you very much) and friends, who have also referred well-paying work to me. So, my blog has a lot of value to me. In monetary terms? I don't know. But I have gotten paid to blog about a product I already use on my blog, and Google says it's a page rank 4. Whatever that means.

  • Rebecca E.

    anon– no I wouldn't seel it that way.

    Smaria– I love your blog, and hope it never changes, and your ina way is sort of like mine. We do it because we love it.