Three Simple Ways to Promote Your Writing

Writers can promote their work to others in many ways. Part of the challenge is the fact that there are as many ways of promotion as there are of writing. It is easy to be a writer these days but it is also hard to be a writer online. There are simply too many choices. We want to promote our writing so that people will contact us and then use our services. Then we make some money and the cycle continues all over again.

Writing is a very general topic so it is not easy to go off topic. At the same time, you can get lost in the art and work of promoting your blog, and your other work to a very large audience. We all want to make money and to support ourselves by writing for a living.

Below are three simple ways that you can use to promote your work:

1) Your blog is your home let your visors know they can find things: See, if you link between your blog posts, the reader can easily move between topics of interest or go through several missed days with a click of a mouse. Your readers need and want to find things on your blog, they came after all, and this simply makes it easier for them to find information.  You could write a million words worth in blog posts, but if others can not find a particular post, this is not good.

2) Your Blog can be linked on some of your other writing: We all love to promote, and when this is done correctly, for example writing on an article site and adding a link to your blog, there is more of a chance to not only make money but do a simple way of adding a way for more readers to find your writing.

3) Commenting and Writing: This is possibly the simplest way to get traffic to your blog where you want people to come and see what you are doing right now. Go to some other writers’ blog and add a comment, something to tell them they are doing a great job this does get you noticed. One exception, your name is the link to your blog, do not add any more links in the comment; it is “bad taste” to do so.

These are simple and easy to do, and often will make your work look more professional (and this goes beyond taking a writing course!) and after a while your traffic will increase and your writing will improve.