The Elf Queen by Lyndi Alexander

I have thoroughly enjoyed this book, I have to say that Alexander certainly knows her fiction. I am a big fan of Terry Brooks as many of you know, so when I received this request to read the Elf Queen was thinking along the lines of Brook’s Shannara series.
This Elf Queen certainly is not along the lines of Terry Brooks. I am now a fan of Alexander’s work, as it is smart and satisfying and all of the characters have a point in this novel. The pages turn at a rapid pace and for a start of a series, I loved the ending. By this, the ending can stand alone as its own ending, and yet still I want to read more.

This is not your expected fantasy-type book as a bit of the plot rests upon “real people” and “real places” and this makes elf queen all the more enjoyable. I do like the elves, and they all have “characters” of their own, which makes them memorable, but also does not take from the book. I also like the twist of a Cinderella story in this, glass slipper and all.

Montana is a great setting, this is neat, since I never thought of the landscape there, yet Alexander pulls this off well. Jelani is an excellent character, and one who is totally believable heroine.
I can’t wait for the next of the series.