Writing a Book is an Art… So is Publishing Non Fiction

I have to admit this writing a book is an art. There is an art to writing it and an art in publishing it. Perfection is a key.

Of course I am knee deep into getting my book written, but because it is non fiction, it makes me think that publishing nonfiction is an art as well. So many writers want to write fiction, possibly because there is a imagination factor.

Of course I am not lacking in imagination, just time. I focus on writing non fiction, because in a sense it is easier to work with fact and bring them out to the reader.

Still it is a matter of getting the words down right and publishing the book. I have an excellent opportunity in this create space and it is a learning process. now on to a marketing plan…

One Comment

  • Jill

    There really is a market for this and I certainly found books on writing very helpful. I'm sure one would also learn much by writing a "How to" book on writing – as they say: TO teach is to learn again.