Mr BAD Attitude: What Do You Do?

I write, and as such most people tend to forget one thing, when I write I am writing for an audience, and my audience expects certain things: but there is always a bad apple or two in the bunch, we all know and “love” them.

Not the ones who are trying to be helpful. these people to me are a godsend, they will tell you the truth, but in a kind way. Sending you an email instead of something more public, or offering a suggestion or two. ( You know who you are, so thanks!)

No I am referring to the ones, who can’t get enough of making comments. The ones who say “what were you thinking? you’ll never write well!” Those ones.

So I’ll send this out to you: What do you do with a Mr. ( or Ms.) BAD attitude?

A few thanks: Duchess O’Blunt. JS, Christy, Al (at publish or perish), Lynnette Labelle, and hundreds of other who have helped me on the way here, and oh can’t forget Old Man Brian.