Dear Diary. A Bit on Journaling.

Onwards and Upwards as the saying goes. I spent the last bit talking with a friend, and the topic was on journaling. The Dear Diary of the world. Of course she is an avid journaling lady. She could make my journal look amateurish. The passion series will be back later today, for now enjoy!

I do write in it every night, mostly about things of interest, sometimes of my dreams, the usual fair. Now she’s got it to a science, she writes for twenty minutes in the morning and twenty at night, there she’ll have running dialogues, work on hurt feelings, delve into emotions, and write freestyle.

Okay, I admit, journaling is a great outlet, and I felt it was a good topic to bring up, as it will relate to my next blog later this evening. The fun series about passion. I’ve been enjoying it a lot and some of the comments are great keep up the good work.

So I asked a bit about Journaling in the Question and Answer Method:

Q: What’s the most important thing about Journaling?

A: A book of some sort and a pen. Of course time as well.

Q: Any specific type of book?

A: One that is comfortable and can be placed somewhere where you will find it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on it, but you must like it, and you must use it.

Q: What should be put into this journal?

A: (laughs) anything really, for some writing the weather and the basic outline of the days events will be enough. For me I use it as an outlet to my own writing. I place my evening and morning ideas into it.

Q: What else is a journal good for?

A: Thoughts, and dilemmas, something where you can use it as your best friend, you can blow off steam, yell and scream, and no one will know. It is also good for remembering events or something important, a birthday or milestone anniversary, something of that sort.

Q: in other words?

A: anything and everything goes follow your passion with your journal.

Q: Does it need to be edited?

A: Unless you want someone else to read it, and I don’t recommend that, no you don’t.

Q: What’s the best thing about a journal?

A: Giving my own voice and feelings a chance to shine.

There we go, some Q&A about journaling.

My Question for you today is this: Is she right in saying that with journaling you need to follow your passion and write what works for you? What other ideas can you add for your own journal?


  • Damaria Senne

    For me, a journal is about writing whatever I want to say, at that moment, uncensored. sometimes it's about the big events in life( e.g, during the 2 years my father was dying, and the mourning period when I was still raw from grief). Or it can be a creative outlet. like drafts of short stories, poems etc. or the daily minutae of life – lists of stuff I dream about, stuff I want, stuff I plan for, monthly to do lists.

  • ~♥Sonya

    I really love to write and I love to journal, however I have a really tough time staying with it. Most of the time it's because I can't organize the thoughts in my head enough to put them on paper. But I still continue to try! This is a great blog and I'm so glad I found it.