How to Market and Publish, Shakespeare Style Part 9 of 10

This is a fun series I must admit, and I almost don;t want it to end, almost. It’s given me a new outlook on marketing and making the all important connections. Welcome to all who are new and joined in the fun, great to have you here. To answer two of the most asked questions: Yes I do reciprocal links, and yes I guest blog and review books. Feel free to leave comments and enjoy.

I think in many ways marketing is harder these days than it was in say, the days of young Mr. Terry Brooks. As you all know Mr. Brooks is one of my favorite authors, and I wish one day he’d read my little old blog. He is an excellent writer and one whom I think anyone should at least read once. He also is a master of marketing, as I doubt there is a day when I don’t see one of his books in a bookstore.

He’s truly made connections and is wonderful to read. I feel that one of the best things he’s done is write a book called sometimes the magic works. In part of it he tells of his writing life, and how to outline and all that fun stuff. The best is his marketing ideas. I repeat the best is his marketing ideas.

It seems to me this book is as helpful as a well known author whose last name is King and his book on writing. There is much that he deals with and much one can take from his writing. While I admit I’m not a great fan of his books, I sure love this book and am eager to read one his older books.

The biggest thing that they stress is connection and being open to new ideas. Very open, as I never saw how much one person or one idea meant than in these two books. I must say that if anyone wants to read these you should, I believe amazon has them, or the local library. As they are published authors i take what they say with some thought.

My Question for today is this: what makes you market better? Is it a person or an idea?

PS the last part of this series will be a bit later this week as I know what is about to happen in the mountains, but I’m aiming to write something tomorrow.


  • B.J. Anderson

    Thanks for the tip on these two books! I will definitely look them up. And as for marketing, I think it's a combination of both. You have to get your idea out there, and no matter how good the idea is, if you don't get behind it and push it, it's not going anywhere. Great series!

  • PrettySiren

    What makes me market better? Hmm…I would say it's definitely more the idea. The idea is always the spark that gives the breath of life to something. Ideas are very powerful creatures.

    I think I really take the initial idea and if I get stuck with succeeding, I look to others for inspiration or, perhaps, a better way to do what I'm already doing. I'm not a marketing major, so I'm learning something new everyday. I only wish I knew years ago what I know now in that respect.