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Does a Blog Need a Website?

Are you ready for the website?  It might be that you don’t have a book published yet, but you need to have some sort of brand out there that will interest your reader.  Otherwise when your book is published, you have to do everything from the beginning, and this is the hardest part.  Blogging is exactly like writing in many ways and the best know a blog needs a website at some point.

You have to be a writer, you have to live your life as a writer, and then you have to blog- it’s all very much the same thing, but a blog allows you to publish and grow and become more authentic and mature as a writer.

Every writer needs a website and a blog to survive the new age of book publishing- because you have to build relationships before you can publish.  If you are looking to make it big, a website is even more important than anything else.

It’s the way you connect with people, but it means you need to connect with people, and communicate as much as you can to them.  Communication is key and it’s not about you or about your blog but about what you can give to your readers.

It is a means to show off your work and get published.  A good blog post does go a long way in getting readers to buy your books.  They know you based on your writing and on your blog.  If you have a good brand- in this case, blog, you will have more of a chance to make a difference to your potential book readers.

That being said it is not easy to get both a website and a blog up and running.  Here is the big news:

My website is up and running- on a 301 redirect.  Hello, and welcome again- I’ve been able to make the website come to this blog. This blog is my brand, and because of it, things will change.  Blogs need a website, but sometimes, you simply have to stay with what works.