Writing, Publishing, Making Money and Google

Some writers love to complain — not so much about how great someone else’s book is when our own should be just as good, but we complain that editing takes too long or that our blog isn’t drawing the number of readers we’d like it to.   If we aren’t focused on our writing we’re trying to predict the future and how making money should be easier for a writer.

The fact is Google, or rather the search engines have a lot to do with how we are viewed as writers.  People find our blogs based on our content and not on how passionate we might be.  It’s not about what we say, or write, but how we say it and how we promote it- on Facebook or Twitter or where ever else we “must” promote our blogs.

We might complain that the money we take in for our services isn’t as much as we think we should be receiving- it’s 2011 and the rules have changed. Sometimes we complain about Google, the search engine, and how it may not be helping us to make the money from our work that it could. Better known as Google Issues.

I’ve talked about the good things about Google, writing and publishing; I’d like to talk now about a few of the “not so great things.”  these you can call Google issues: writing, publishing and money.  No matter how great a thing is for one writer, it’s not for another.

If writers are making money with any of Google’s affiliate programs we can easily get disheartened when a really good piece of writing is hardly seen and makes nearly no money, but then a piece of writing which was “tossed together” is read many times and generates much more revenue. Yes, there might be a bit of keyword magic involved, but we yearn for some credit for quality.

Also, Google’s search results are constantly changing and sometimes that transience can be hard on our writing. One day we draw readers by the dozen to a specific piece and the next day nearly no one sees it. This can be enough to make us want to go back to the good old days when we didn’t have to deal with blogs — or crafting a good blog post. However, we do need to deal with blogs, and this can lead to some conscious changes to our work.

No matter what we write and publish online, Google needs to be considered. We want to produce quality content, and we want to justify our writing. Specifically, we want to justify the time we spend on the composition and publishing of our online writing. In other words, we’d love for it to make money indirectly or directly for us. Sometimes this means considering what Google thinks.

All this being said, and whatever issues we may have with Google, we really need to focus on one thing, and that is constantly striving to improve our writing. 

If we improve our writing, then we feel better about publishing it, and the money from our online writing will come to us in time.


  • Marlena Cassidy

    We also have to watch out for whatever else pops up when people search us. If we use our given name, things that we don't want other people seeing (that drunken Facebook picture) might show up, which can distance and alienate perspective readers. Your Internet life also affects your writing life if you plan to use the Internet as a marketing tool.

  • Lev

    Excellent blog, stumbled upon it. I am really enjoying the tips and insight that you write about. Will be back soon!