The Reason For Writing a Business Plan

Sometimes any writer can feel like what they’ve done with writing isn’t working. They think what they are writing- be it a book or another blog post isn’t working as well as they want it to. This isn’t entirely correct, it is more as if I have a challenge that needs to be broken down into goals.  If I am really honest with myself, it means writing a business plan.

I had a vision writing would mean I would sit down and let the words flow.  Simple enough in theory but I didn’t have a plan, I can see how two months of blogging without much of a plan can affect how readers might see me.  I was writing, but not thinking logically or long term.

I focus on other things, such as housework, or phone calls and emails- and in this regard I have a plan- an routine.  There is a fine art of balance when it comes to writing and working outside of writing.  This was when I found I needed a plan, and I needed it not to be a goal setting plan, but rather more of a business plan, if I am going to be taken seriously as an author.
I am a first time author, which means my blog and my book will be my main source of potential income.  I have to blog and publish a post every  In this case, what should be a part of my plan?  The answer is write and edit my book.
So far no business.  I did set a goal, but I didn’t plan for anything.  Writing a business plan is simple if some questions are answered, and they don’t involved goals, but rather hard and fast numbers.

Numbers don’t lie, unless we put feelings into them, so when writing a business plan it’s all about logic.  Here are a few questions I’ve asked when I began writing up my plan.

1) Where was the income going to come from each day?  If it’s AdSense ads or Amazon products do I plan a set number to earn before I am content with the day?

2) What makes a reader comment- or come back to a blog?  If this is the case, what I am doing to make them want to come back?

3) How will my writing need to be improved to increase sales on my books?  If I’ve only got one book published, over time how long will it take to earn income with it?

4) Will I have a team of people working on the blog and helping with books?  How much time and expertise will I need to create a business with a blog?

Part of these questions are writing based, and because it is a plan, I need to come up with some answers to help both my blog and my writing grow.