What Does Writing a Book Mean to You?

Writing a blog is something I can do as a writer.


It’s the art of improving my communication (my writing) with the readers I have, but then there is writing a book.  People-potential readers- are valuable to a writer, and they are important to how a writer will eventually work as a writer.

This is what writing should be all about, perhaps making some money is a good thing too, but that’s not the important thing right now.  It’s about a blog, a book or anything what does it mean to you?


It’s not enough to say you are a writer, it’s about writing that book that would not be written if you didn’t, or weren’t willing to sit down and write at all.  The best writers faced challenges, but just like a good challenge never hurt anyone, these writers set goals and learned how to build and grow.


Of course, writers such as Hemingway or C.S. Lewis didn’t have to maintain a blog, but they did have to work just as hard as the next writer.   They needed to make money just like the next writer. They had their experiences to draw on, and would eventually make names for themselves, because they were passionate about their storytelling.  They had the right mindsets as writers.  They didn’t have blogs, but they had the people they needed to help them.


What is writing a book to you?


Writing a book is about being logical and thinking through what needs to be done that day.  You can write 800 words, and then delete them the next day, but if this means you just re-write what you did the day before are you writing or editing?  Or are your spinning your wheels in a vain hope that you will have some sort of magical success by making it better?  Now, if it’s a draft it’s a different thing, but it should move towards the end goal- that of writing a book.  It’s for your readers to whom your efforts should be given.  They have the final say in what they believe is great writing.


Writing a book means going or moving forward- maybe not each day- but the sense that each goal is being met at the time it should be.  This doesn’t mean changing the plot or adding to something if it’s for word count it means creating and building from a certain point on your writing.  What it means is saying my priority is getting to ‘X’ by these means.  If you didn’t post a blog post for days, would you expect a blog to ‘bounce back’ or would you expect to have to start from the beginning and build a relationship with your readers all over again.  Again, it all comes back to your relationship with your readers.


They are the reason you are writing and planning to publish your work, so keep on writing and building what you have.  This should be why you are a writer, not you, but the people you can connect to, or share your experiences with.  They have a way of showing you new and unexpected things to help you grow and build as a writer.


Your relationship with your readers begins on your blog and grows from there.  It’s a powerful way of learning even when you don’t ‘speak.’  Your blog, and your online articles are the means that you show in action where you are going.  It’s logical and should you set smart goals, you will see success over time.