Why It Takes Time To Publish a Good Book

Why should it take so much time to publish a book?

I have half a mind to say that publishing a book will be easier than writing a book, but as I am beginning to look into the information about getting a literary agent, an editor or even some type of help, I’m beginning to question my belief in how easy publishing a book will be.  What my line of thinking is now is: each and every part of the writing and publishing process will take time and energy to do.

I’ve already had many give me helpful advice on what I need to do with my writing, but as yet, it’s not as important as getting the information I have in my notes into something people will want to read.  It’s not that it isn’t helpful rather it’s that there is more help than my learning curve can take.  It’s important to have something first, and then worry about the rest, except the writing part is growing on me a little bit too much.

I had at first, thought my draft would be done in 90 days or so, but with other commitments, I’m certain it will take longer.  Not only that but my temptation is to double think myself or question if what I have isn’t quite where it should be. I’m scared of the whole process and maybe look at the big picture too much when a can play a numbers game.

It’s not because I can’t write, but it’s because it takes time to publish a good book.  The keyword? Good.  When you don’t have as much time on your hands as you would like to you will have to expand on your planned timeframe for your book.  Thinking of the next step: editing.  Before you can publish it’s vital to edit your work.

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I didn’t think much of 90 days, until extra commitments happened, and the people who asked didn’t seem all that concerned with my budding writing career.  At least this is what I believed, really it’s that you have commitments to   It’s not easy being a writer, and the fact I have a day job, means I have to spend a lot more time working outside of my writing to pay the bills than I have time to work with my writing.

Writing is important to me, and it is a part of who I want to become as a person.  I’d like to see success in my life, and this means writing has to become a passion for me, but because I have a few blog posts, and not much more I’ve got a lot to prove to others that I can be a writer, and this means I take my time to publish a great book.

This is also why it takes time to publish a book.  There is so much important information to learn, but there is also the idea that you have commitments outside of the home and with others who don’t know and don’t understand how much effort you are putting into your writing.