Of Pens and Other Publishing Methods

Publishing isn’t about getting a book on to a shelf, at least not all the time. What publishing is about is getting those thousand thoughts into some type of hard document.  This is possibly not the easiest thing in the world to do, as most of my writing friends love their laptops or desktops or whatever they might be currently using to write with.

We all can admit to wanting to be published, but we all will admit that it is harder to have a book published if it come to a literary agent or publishing house in a pen and paper format. 

Maybe it’s the little ink blobs that they don’t like, but this doesn’t mean writers can’t write with pen and paper when they create a draft.  It is simply a way to keep on writing.  That is something that most people forget when they look too far into the future.

Publishing doesn’t always mean million dollar success.It doesn’t need to be about making a lot of money, but some money will be nice. What it does mean is that whatever way you write, you should enjoy the process, and don’t get discouraged.

Pens and paper are still a great way to write, and as long as you have invested time to edit your drafts on paper then you will still be on the right track no matter what. No matter what you write simply rememeber that even with a pen or a computer you still are on the road to publishing something.