Should You Use Promotional Tools – Before and After Your Publish a Book?

We’ve all heard of them. If you are a published author you’ve definitely heard of them – the dreaded “promotional tools”.  There are a wide range of them available, and I had to think hard about which ones I should use and what I should use them for.  Promotion happens before and after you have published your book.

Here’s an example: Someone buys your book and they write a review. (And we’ll assume that it’s a great review!) I think it would be okay, with permission asked for and granted, to mention your book got this sort of review.  That review is a great promotional tool, and if you use it strategically, it can help spur new sales.  But be careful how many times you use that same review.  It’s important to remember is that any promotional tool can be overused. 

Think about your business cards, and posters and other types of promotional tools.  I do not believe they work as well as simply giving someone your book and asking, could you write a review for this?  I do not think that most people remember very well what business cards they have collected anymore. 

Should you use promotional tools?  Yes, you should.  I think that if you choose the right ones, then the process works a lot better than if you do not.  It is similar to publishing a book: done correctly it works.  If not done well, it won’t.  There are many challenges along the way, but like writing, successful promotion comes with time and effort.

Should you mix it up — that is, combine promotions? 

I think you can.  For example, while including your business card is nice, how about creating that card in the style of a bookmark and including it with your book for a reviewer to use?  I think that a creative idea sets you apart from other authors, and your reviewer will constantly have your contact information at hand.  After all, you have spent hours writing and getting your book published… Now it’s time for you to promote it.

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