The Art of Writing When You Don’t Want To

Have you ever had one of those days?  You have misquoted lines, or facts… and you are exhausted with all the “parts” as a writer you will need to play.  This is one of those days when you don’t want to write.

Be honest with yourself.  All writers have these days.

Be even more honest and you’ll accept that this will happen over and over again… Ah, the art of writing when you don’t want to.

It’s hard when you have these days, but here are a couple of suggestions to make you feel better.

1) This will pass, so let it go for a while.

2) Giving up isn’t an option, but taking a break is.

3) Admit it, you would hate not writing; it’s in your blood.  Besides, isn’t that stack of drafts you can work on sitting waiting for you somewhere?

4) Find something else to do.

5) Sometimes the art of writing means you change the topic you are writing on.

The art of writing means that you will have to go on.  This means that one day you will get your novel or non-fiction book published.


  • Nicole Pyles

    I know those days!! It's so exhausting too!! But I try to make peace and know that I will write another day. Sometimes it IS a sign that you nee to take on a new idea and sometimes it's a sign you need a break. But don't give up!

  • Nick Rolynd

    This is one of the reasons I try to get myself to write everyday. At least a little something. It doesn't have to be much. But as long as I can make myself trudge through my toughest moments of literary lethargy, then I know I will eventually succeed in my writing goals.

    Important info for all writers! =)

    – Nick

  • honkeie2

    I was once asked to write an article about health and fitness but it later turned into a love adicse column. It was for a friend that was trying to start up an internet magazine. Numerous people loved it but I just could not bring myself to write on a topic I could not get into.
    I am tempted to go back and do more but the idea of being a 'Dr.Love' does not appeal to me in any shape or form.

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