So What Does Writing Mean For You? Does It Mean Money Or, Something Else?

I have enjoyed a bit of a writing break, and was pleased to come back to a a newer frame of mind to look at some mock-ups for In Search of the Lost Ones.  I am pleased with the results, and can see that this will look great… at least the cover is great.  I still have more editing to do.

It’s only a step… a published book, one which,  I can see the light at the end of a tunnel.  

Now the job becomes re-editing this book so that people will purchase my book and want to read more.  I admit that writing is an easy thing for me, but you have to think ahead, to editing, and then to another book.

At the same time, you can’t simply rest on one book, a writer is a writer, and I feel that I can tackle another book, have it edited and get it published.

Mind you, this is what writing means to me, finishing what you begin, and then do it all over again, with more and more confidence that you have done a good job with your work.  Then you write some more, knowing that you can do it, you have done this before.  This first book is my learning experience and a matter of pride.  I know I can market it, and I know that another one can happen and I understand what it will take to make money with this book.

It is sort of like money, except you don’t get confused with this writing– you are the writer, and self-publisher.  Should you self-publish your book you are the marketer of your book, no other person can make these choices for you. This can mean simply working with more networking or it can mean creating another book.

Writing also means considering social media and what it can do for your books.  If you are committed to writing, at some point your name needs to get out there.  The key is deciding who, when and where you want your face out there to others.

So what does writing mean for you?  Not to you… but for you.

Is it the feeling you get when someone says great job?  For you does it push you to write more and improve on your work?

All I can say is that one needs to enjoy the adventure that they are on with writing and publishing

After all that is why I write for a living, and that is why I am enjoying the process of publishing, no matter what the challenges.


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