Create Space and Self-Publishing: Me and Also Money

When I mentioned that I am self-publishing and will be using Create Space, most were excited, but one person sent me an email asking a very good question: “If you are using Create Space are you really self-publishing?”

Good question, well in this way I am writing online, which means I am self-publishing… but I am using a “company” (blogger) to help with the behind the scenes.  It also is about money, for the longest time I was worried that self-publishing would mean that I was going to lose out.  Funny, that changed when I learned that a lot more people MAKE MONEY on their self-published books. provided they work at marketing hand have a passion for it, and do not use a vanity press.

The same goes for Create Space, I have my own ISBN and there are many details which make, for me at least, working with this company a good idea.  One of them is the idea that it is up to me to make a success of my work.  I have been working two long years in writing and editing this non fiction manuscript and it is almost there….

In case you are wondering yes it is about Transylvania, and yes once it is published I plan to continue to write on this topic. It seems the topic is wide open, and I am excited about the process.  So, with this in mind, I am of the belief that if you have your own ISBN you are self-publishing.  The most important thing is to get a good editor, and then trust that you are getting good results.

Even through Create Space, as other have mentioned, it is a good company.

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