Why Should We Care About Good Writing?

For many writers, learning about writing means that they need to learn about communication.  This means that one needs to think about spelling and grammar and communication.  It is about good writing.  The question is what is good writing?  What is really good writing? ( I am repeating, but there is a point to it.)

Good Writing:  Means that you have let your reader be talked to, they will understand what you are trying to get at, and they also will come back and read a bit more.  Good writing is also the concept that one can improve and be willing to learn. This is where a writer learns about the foundations of writing, the spelling and the grammar, the flow and ebb of writing, the foundation skills that can take many years to learn.

Good writing also ensures that you have made it clear that you have done some research.  This means that, as a writer, you have gone beyond looking on a search engine to find facts, and have used the library to check out ideas, and test them.  Good writing is something that the reader can feel confident in reading.  Not too much change, but just enough.  There is room for improvement in good writing.

Really Good Writing: This is different this is where the writer has taken time and effort to put out something that the reader can “relate to” in other words something caught that reader and they read your work and something, a line or a finely crafted paragraph got their attention.  It meant something to them.  When we read a favorite author, we tend to be more forgiving about their “good writing” but if the “really good writing” is not as good most readers will readily admit to not enjoying this particular book as much as others.

What is the other thing about really good writing?  It has its foundations in the good writing, as one can have a really great plot or story, but without good writing behind it, then you will wonder why your books are being accepted, or you are having problems with getting a publisher.  It is the good writing which needs to come first. 

Then it becomes really good writing.

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