Is it Money or Sheer Stupidity on My Part: The English Language

I always wonder what I need to learn about the English language in general.  It is not an easy language by any means, in fact I think I would sooner go back to my Saxon roots and speak that.  The Saxon language is a dialect of German, and it is a grammatically interesting version of German.

I had a conversation where someone asked, why not write in Saxon? (Actually since it is a dialect of German, you would be writing in German, but I shall let that be.)

I will point this fact out:  I want to write and I do want to write in English, so I am of the mindset at some point I will learn to fix the mistakes I have made.  Practice makes perfect.  This leads me to wonder, why should most people write in the English language when it is not what they are most comfortable writing in?

It could be the money, but for me it is not, I simply enjoy the fine art of writing and this has helped me learn to communicate ( I hope) a lot better in a more hard to learn grammar and syntax.  I have found that the best book, which is great for anyone who wants to improve their writing, is the elements of style.  I have bought the book, now must apply suggestions to my own writing.

Money is one thing, but looking dumb is another. When someone corrects you, take it as helping hand, writers are here to help, and the more help you get the better your writing becomes.  It is a part of your life, but at the same time it is something that we must all continue to learn to improve as writers, but also become published authors.

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