AuthorHouse: What Is it and Why we Like/ Dislike it

AuthorHouse (depending on whom I talk to) is a vanity press or self-publishing company. You pay them to do just about anything to publish you book. For varying fees you get a certain package and certain things in each package. According to their website they do hardcover and paperback books. I’m not going to get into that but here is the low down of why we like AuthorHouse and why we dislike AuthorHouse:


AuhtorHouse has packages that we can choose. Perhaps within your budget.

They will accept your book.

You get sales and deals.

You can add to your package…


Editing is not the strongest thing at AuthorHouse.

The packages are quite pricey– and no if you pay for the package it’s not a free book… sorry.

The constant emails for sales and other things (biggest sale ever.. until the next month)

Add ons can cost you big.

AuthorHouse is a self-publishing company yes, but be aware that one of the drawback is that while you have the creative control of the text/ content of the book the design and other formats are their own. The ISBN is also theirs not yours.

What would you add as likes and dislikes of AuthorHouse? (only AuthorHouse, not the rest, they come next week)


  • Christy Pinheiro, EA ABA

    AuthorHouse is not a "self-publishing company". They are a vanity press, pure and simple. And a crappy one at that. Last time I checked, they had a score of "F" by the BBB for dozens of unanswered complaints from consumers.

    If someone else owns your ISBN, you are either publishing with a traditional publisher (and making money) or getting raked over the coals by a vanity press.

    There's nothing in the middle, unless you buy the ISBNs yourself and self-publish with LS or CreateSpace, or pay a printer to print offset copies for you.

  • Rebecca

    Christy– totally agree with you on that. I think that they are in fact a vanity press, at best.

    And I've heard from many that the only thing that keeps them going is.. their packages.

  • Rebecca

    Yes Al, they are, they are over priced to say the least, but like all these vanity presses they have "something" people need a way to be published.

  • Anonymous

    another excellent post, I see why you didn't link them here, they are as Christine said a vanity press.