Publishing Your Book? What are you going to lose?

I can say this right now. I’ve lost so many thing while trying to work on my books. It’s a sad commentary on a writer’s life. Or rather when you’re living a life of writing. You’re going to lose something.

In this case it’s time. And money, and mostly time.

I don;t have enough. Please, for my own sanity, if you send an email or want to chat or even phone, don’t expect anything close to being quick. I’ve got too much work to do. My book and my family come first, and there are days when i wonder when I get to see the inside of a DVD, not a kids movie again!

For those who have sent query letters, I’m getting to them, I’ve go exactly 450 right now to look over, and yes, I will respond to them. My book is a work in progress…

So are my friends’ patience. They’ll forgive me, or so I’ve been told. So will the Inkers. My family on the other hand, who get the brunt of my non-existent time might not. I’ve found that writing at about 10 pm until about 1am at night works wonders. Except that people in this house have a nasty habit of waking up about 1:45 am and wanting time. Still, I know it’s worth it if I get the book published.

I wonder about the benefits to self-publishing in times like this.

What do you lose when writing and publishing your book?

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  • JS

    Contact with friends and I HATE IT! Since I know that, I make sure it doesn't happen (even if that means putting the book on the backburner for a day or two. IT HELPS!)

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