Leaders Research

Research and leadership go hand in hand.

Signpost for Change
Changes, are you ready?

Research is vital for success at any level, and even more so when you are a leader. I could not explain how important it is until I did more of it, and learned from the experiences. To survive on the Internet you need to know what to do, and when to do it, and why it should be done. People need some guidance to some extent, but there is always room to grow.  Leaders have the ability to do enough research to know the hows and whys to grow a business, and to also know who are potential leaders.

Leaders research because they know change is always ahead of them.

When you want to start an online business, it’s a good time to start researching both the important and the detailed information.

Is it to replace a job, or simply get paid better for your writing? Why do you think you have something the online world wants and needs? When I began blogging, I went to other blogs and commented, and made connections to other writers.  Some of these bloggers don’t blog anymore, but others have become respected leaders in their networks. They have moved from one type of business to another.

It took effort, success and failures and a lot of research to become a leader.  It’s not an easy path, and there are as many highs as there are lows.  This is why a leader who has done research (in layman’s terms ‘done his homework’) will fare better in the challenges which are ahead.

To me, becoming a leader requires both time and energy in the right combination.  Some are ‘natural’ leaders, but on the Internet there isn’t as much of a power or a ‘natural’ to begin with.  You have to be found, and do the networking needed to grow.

When you have success how will you lead others?

Some people love Google AdSense, others love Amazon or eBay, others a number of other affiliate programs to earn income. Some will write online articles by the hundreds.  Others will focus on their marketing.  Only a few will look at where they are now, and plan a different way to go.  It’s about the money, but there’s more. These people with the most success, the leaders, are the ones who spend the most time researching and working to improve on their communication.

When you finally have the success you want, it’s keeping that success that matters, which in turn means active research and improvement.  A leader will help others build or create their own success, at the same time, they will focus on the people who can continue their legacy.  The best writers have a team when they write online, and for good reason.  You can only go so far when it comes to building a great website, and a team can create a bigger network.

At this point, you’ve done the research now lead them, set your team up for success.  Even if your team is one person, it is a team, and you are the leader of you.  Writing for a living means leading yourself to your goals each day.  This involves a lot of research and effort.  Then next step is the hardest for many people, and writers.

Compass and Leadership
Set your leadership goal

When you have done the planning what is the action and the next step?

Plan.  Write it down.

When there is a large bit of information, you have to put it down in writing.  A writer can argue that everything looks great when it comes to being out there with information, but after planning there needs to be action.

Action and no excuses are the keys to better success.

All leaders know that action creates passion, and this creates hope.  Leaders in the writing and Internet world are focused on making a reader care about the writing they do, and what it will take to build a better foundation.  This takes a lot more research than the average follower wants to commit to.  Knowing this, is not the only thing, knowing you need action also means improving yourself as a writer, and as a leader.  It’s not about soundbites, but about action. Writers are great with words, and once a plan is in place, it is time to take action.

After you have written down your research information, there needs to be a change.  A more mature emotional change and then a more powerful change to becoming someone who can both share, and choose whom is willing to improve and change as well.  Anything where there is no admission of failure is simply an emotional response to a lack of research and a willingness to fix the foundations which you, as a writer have created.

That’s the important part of leadership and research.