10 Solutions to the Problem of Publishing a Book

Last Two.. the ones in bold are the two I’m focusing on.

1) A completed book: This might sound like a no-brainer, but really you need a completed book. How do you tell a publisher that your book isn’t ready to be published? Or worst still isn’t even out of the first draft phase? Publisher are in the business to make money with your book and if you haven’t finished it or found a way to make it readable you are going to face rejection slips.

2) A Good Editor: Really anyone is great, except your relatives… that’s not so good.

3) A Good Plot and Characters: I know I know, but still it’s in the top ten isn’t it? If your characters don’t have a life or feeling to them, why read the book, or if it’s plot driven and there isn’t a plot why read it?

4) A Good Rewrite or Eight: How many drafts have I done??? Inkers? Hands up two three fifteen?

5) A Person to Reread the Book: This should be a friend who likes you, but who will be honest with you. Why a friend? If they can’t read no one else will

6) A Marketing Plan: Where’s this going to go? You’d better know as you’re writing a book

7) A Business Plan or at least some knowledge of the Industry: This way you know where to send a book, and best of all what is a good contract.

8) A Sense of Humor: Not in your writing necessarily, but in your quest to get the book published.

9) A Small Ego: Not pride, but none of us are J.K. Rowling, or have a last name of King… be willing to be proud of the book, but not so proud…

and last but not least

10) Knowledge of Your Book: You’d better know what your book will be about, but also what potential the book has. (Niche market, Big Traditional Publisher. etc.)


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