Publishing a Book and Content Writing

Publishing a book is really all about content writing. No, stop don’t walk away. I’m asking you to think about this. I am certain that if the content of the book isn’t good, then i wouldn’t buy it or read for long.

Publishing a book can be fun, as long as the content is good, people will read it. The same goes for a blog I might add. Content, as everyone says is king. You don’t need me, but I need you to comment. So my writing had better be great. It is also true in self-publishing. ( According to some this is also called custom publishing.)

I take this thinking to my writing on hub pages. It is important that the more people see your work, the more important the content writing becomes. In the end, it doesn’t matter what you might dream, if the blog or the hub takes on a life of its own.

The same goes when publishing a book. It can be online as an e-book, or it can be found on amazon or in a bookstore. It depends on what you want. The content is the most important, which is why I focus on the content writing.

Publishing a book and content writing in this case go hand in hand. Yes, I know we could get a ghost writer, but it’s not as rewarding or fun if you get someone else to do it. Then there is editing…. well that is why I have a wonderful editor.

My Question for you today is this: When you’re busy writing a book, do you like to have some visions of publishing a book? What do you think of content writing?


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