Does Editing a Manuscript Help get it Published? Part 7 of 12

I could almost start this post with “I Hate Editing.”

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There are days when editing just doesn’t seem all that fun, perhaps because I’ve sat at the computer and nothing seems to look right. I print it out and nothing seems to look right. My inner critic comes out and speaks to me saying “This is wrong” “that is wrong.

Then I wonder why I bothered to write in the first place. It goes away once I go away from whatever I was editing. I create something new, usually in fiction. it helps me at least to think that I can shut off my inner critic. Wish I could do that all the time.

My goal is publishing, and that is what keeps me motivated. I also have other passions and goals and they help as well anything that I’ve come across. Is writing one of my passions, you bet it is. I can’t think of a better way to work than to write, and I’ve done a lot of different types of work.

Does my book and the topic I have make me passionate? You bet and that is why I want to publish it. I have to plug away at it each day and make the most of what comes to me for time. If that means I work in the morning and than late at night so be it.

As much as I can dislike, or even hate editing, there is a time for everything. Including editing. I spoke with my editor and she mentioned one thing when you send it to a literary agent and they find a mistake ( can be big or small) they will send it back, especially if they don’t know you well.

I many ways once i heard that I look upon editing as a form of investment. You spend the time getting the manuscript to the best of your ability and then it takes a life of its own. It’s still yours, after a fashion, but it becomes more.

My Question for the day then is this: Do you think that your Inner critic can give you days where it is hard to do any editing?


  • Rob

    My inner critic says the nastiest things.
    But I truly think that happens with every writer. That critic is nothing but self-doubt at the wrong moment. I say, if you feel that inner critic completely despising your work than THAT is the time when you DON'T edit and wait for a proper time when you are in a good mood.

  • Rebecca

    I write in non-fiction, though I am spreading out to fiction, with an interest in fantasy and mystery… I'm not sure about Romance though.