Is Fiction a Type of Fabrication? Part 7 of 10

For those who just joined us, welcome, please see the part 1 of 10 in this series to read the email, and comments are welcome. I’ve covered topics from literary fiction to historical fiction and beyond, add your comment, and enjoy!

I always love to create things. Anything will do, as many of you know I write in a journal and on my blog. I also am in the editing stage of a non-fiction book and a draft of a fiction book. I don’t know if that qualifies me as a “professional” but I do have a passion for writing. I have to say that while I spend my mornings in front of my computer writing, I do others things as well. Having two children does wonders for exercise.

But the subject, or topic, that I most love is writing fiction. I’m not sure why but for some reason it is my element. Not because I get to do something different, but because it allows me to create a new life. I’ve worked on a fantasy book, and while that is fun, I’ve found that it takes drawing skills I don’t have. For example, I spend time drawing a map, the characters, the cities. You get the idea, it is drawing intensive. Then comes the outlines, and character identifiers.

I can say that the time spent in fantasy writing has allowed me to see where I can make new rules. It also means that these rules need to be followed. Otherwise, if they are not, or they change/ come to late. The reader will put the book down in disgust.

I’ve started to outline a literary fiction, based in part on a true story. I thought about writing it in the form of non-fiction, but I couldn’t get into the mind of the person. So, fiction it is. Of course, I have permission to do this, so that is not a problem. I’ve outlined it, and worked on the characters. I’ve also done some basic research into the medical information that was given to me.

I have to say that fiction takes as much work as non-fiction… if not more.


  • Jennifer Roland

    Phew. I’m all caught up now.

    I agree wholeheartedly that writing is work, whether it is fiction or nonfiction.

    Fiction writing is freeing in some ways, but it is a lot more restrictive than non-fiction in others. In non-fiction, the facts aren’t in question. Even when the things that happen seem improbable, we know that they did happen. But, in fiction, actions must be probable. Crazy and amazing things can happen, but the writer must make it clear that they are indeed probable given the set of rules in that work of fiction. That can be hard.

    I also second Alissa’s comment yesterday. Passion is the most important element in any writing. When their is passion behind the work, everything else seems to fall into place.

  • A Dreams-Teller

    Writing is my passion too and I recently joined Helium and am in one of their writing contests. Lots of fun and good experience. I have a dream blog and do free dream interpretation. Also a Canadian.www.adreams-teller.blogspot.com

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