Why Everyone Needs A Writing Plan

Can it be possible to get a book rewritten to where you want it to be? Yes it can. However the problem is that most people would like to think that you don’t have to re-write a book completely or even in as many ways as you might like.

I enjoying working on my book. It’s challenging and a lot of fun.  It is process, one where you write according to a plan.  This is called– at least by me– a writing plan/ vision.  I need to have one that can help me become a published author.  That is as important as writing and editing. 

Writing a book keeps me on my toes just as writing online keeps me on my toes and makes me a better writer.  Wordcount is important and that is what makes a good writer become a published author.  The longer and harder you write and edit the better you become.

 Writers are like that– shriving to become better when they write although I admit that I edited more this time around.  This also includes my blog.  This I think is a goal of all self-published authors to have readers, and to grow with their blogs and their writing.

Right now I am reading the history book below
the Royal Babylon by Karl Shaw.

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