To Wit to Write: Writing When You Need To Edit

An update on my writing and my work.  I am pushing the word count so I can start to edit, but at the same time I know I have to improve my writing, which is why I’ve included the edited parts of the work.

New words:750, edited words: 1,000 non-fiction
New words: 600 fiction

I am feeling particularly witty these last few days. This can also be a bad thing since for most people this means that I am not concentrating on my grammar or spelling. So a sincere apology to my editor, who will need to dig me out of my witty lines.

See as much as I love writing I need to edit!  I also need an editor. I need to improve my writing.  It does need some help but blogging and creating a good blog post will help a lot.  Like my favourite author would say you have to edit edit and then write again.

I have fixed and rewrote more words than I can count, and well it sounds better as well. As for new and more wonderful writing, yes I did get more done on that front. I have seven chapters that are nearly complete in first draft and all that needs to be done is a good edit.

What Am I Reading Today?

I am still in the middle of the Elfstones of Shannara. I am really liking the characters, although all the good and evil with little gray is getting to me. Terry Brooks is a really good author. His plot is sound and well not to complex I am enjoying it none the less. Once I am done the book, I think I’ll go after a bit of Harry Turtledove…

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