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Roy Marko’s Garage, 2020 and 2021 The YouTube Channel

Roy Marko’s Garage lets everyone know his goals for 2021, on his YouTube channel he also updates and shows what he’s got for the 1951 Hudson Hornet, which will be ready for this year’s Great Beater Challenge.

There is also other plans maybe a few unexpected classic cars coming Roy Marko’s way… but there are goals now. If you have not heard of the Great Beater Challenge, go and Google it, it’ll be a great time had by all. He shares a few extra updates, and some extra crazy ideas and goals.

Nothing better than reflecting on 2020…. and it wasn’t all bad either, and there was a video for that too. Look up the 2020 burnout challenge for more fun on the channel.

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Selfie stick for my iPhone:

YouTube Camera I used:

I use this tripod:

T-shirt to show chevy love:

A bit of History on the Pontiac:

Just to watch, and who doesn’t like Roadkill?:

Hudson Hornet:

All things Pontiac Playlist:

There’s always more going on, and now I have some goals and dreams, and with your help the YouTube Channel will grow.