Bloggers and YouTube

Writing a blog is one thing that most bloggers never want to give up.  They write reviews, and other types of blog posts. They challenge others with what they have to say in the art of writing online.

The idea that blogs are never going to “end” is because everyone knows about them.

That’s not entirely true.  Most bloggers can, and do leave a blog for long periods of time.  As a writer, my writing comes first, as does background work on this blog.  It’s challenging and it’s work.  I am the first to admit there are days when writer’s block hits and I don’t want to write much more.  On some days, the very act of doing the updates and fixes on my websites take up to four hours of my time.  This is not including what I write outside of my websites.

writing and blogging
writing and blogging and YouTube

Blogs don’t end as long as there is a team behind it.  Blogs will continue no matter what.  Then there is another aspect to bloggers and getting people on the blogs.  This is YouTube.  Like any social media, it’s another great place to be on as a writer, if you have the time to record, and edit and then redo.  YouTube videos take up a lot of time.  It can take away from your blog and your writing.  To even do one which talks about writing with few extras, it takes energy, and time and a bit of money if you want it well done.

Once you begin the process of being a blogger and a vlogger, the process of time and effort goes up. It’s the technology to reach out to your readers in a different way and in a different place.  To get them there, you need to use the social networking sites you have always used to encourage people to see and to read.

Bloggers and YouTube go hand in hand when done correctly.  A smart writer will put themselves out there and work with a team to balance their writing and their networking.  This doesn’t end, and this means there will be more work for one person.

The benefits to using both blogs and videos are many.

1) It gives your readers the chance to see you. In ‘person’ YouTubes let the reader hear and see you and learn your views. You have to set up a plan for when you post on both. It’s one thing to keep writing blog post and create YouTube videos, it is another to keep going.

2) A blog gives the readers a chance to visualize your train of thought in a written style. YouTube gives them a chance to see you doing the train of thought. People need to see and hear you sometimes, and they also only need to see you sometimes.

3) It gives you a boost of two different audiences. Some people want to see and to read you. Others won’t go on a blog, and still others wouldn’t go on YouTube. By using both, you expand your network. This takes time an energy and effort.

4) There are analytics for both, so you can learn what works for you and what doesn’t. You can make improvements to both and learn from each.

5) It improves your marketing. In the world where knowing how to leverage technology is a must, you also need to expand on how you connect with your readership for your books. Your blog is a beginning and the YouTubes continue this. You need to market to your specific audience, and you will need to be straight with them and present your best self.

Plan A
YouTube and Blogs are plan A and B…

There are always benefits to anything, and working with YouTube and building a website which readers want to go to will help in the long run. What you will need to take into consideration is how people see you as a writer. Some readers will not like you on YouTube but enjoy your writing.

Just as some will prefer seeing you as opposed to reading about you. Keeping up on both can be a challenge but it’s finding and building your network so people will buy your products which make a difference.  Working with this goal in mind will help you know what will work for you as a writer and business person.