Becoming a Writer

Most people tend to over-think a lot of things when they think about becoming a writer.

I am part of a much older crowd and tend to look at life in a much more black and white way.  I know all about the shades of grey and, because many of my younger acquaintances think in this way, it has altered how I view life.  A good example is how I see writing.  To me, it is defined, you have to write 300 words a day, or at least a page to be able to have some momentum.  It’s about caring as much for yourself as a writer, and sacrificing everything to make sure you have achieved your goal on that day.

To others, this same view is too restrictive, it’s too much of a commitment to them.  After all, being a writer is learning the fine art of sharing your world to others.  They want the freedom to write when they want to write, and how they envision writing it.  They like to talk about the shades of grey in writing (not the book).  Some people work best with it, but I am not one of them.  I prefer structure and pace and knowledge, and usually if I read fiction it is alt-history or fantasy.


I know that if I didn’t have a commitment to my writing, then my becoming a writer wouldn’t have happened.  I don’t need the grey in my life. I took too many risks before, and now I can’t and won’t risk myself on many things. This is where logic plays a big role.  I tend to find myself not wanting to do anything without falling back on the “numbers”.nbsp; Many of my friends argue I am too much of a thinker to become a romance writer.  This is partly the reason I write non-fiction. It’s safe, or for me it’s safe.. I can fall back on facts, and it is less risky to be this sort of writer than it is for fiction.


For me, becoming a writer was never a “grey” matter, it was a part of me, it was both instinctual and logical.  Some writers claim they didn’t think much about becoming a writer until later, but for me, it was always there. I simply didn’t see the logic to writing.  It certainly doesn’t earn a lot of money for many people, and I know of many writers who will be the first to admit making money isn’t the reason they became a writer- they wanted to write a book.  I wanted to be sure what I did followed a logical course of action, and once I began to think I could be writing, I didn’t simply “write.”  Most people will tell a different story.


I was a different case.  I wanted to be a writer, but not in fiction.  I wanted to share my passion for history with people, and be a non fiction writer.  Bestselling author wasn’t on my mind.


I thought about writing in an analytical way, for realistically most people who dream of becoming writers don’t get published.  The next piece of reality tore away a lot of my hope. I would be a person who could write, because I think in black and white, maybe not a person who could publish and sell my books. I looked at the numbers.  I also looked at the balance of successful people who had bestsellers.  Most of them are attractive and seem to have everything going for them.  They have the time and the energy and the power to write when and where and how they need.  That’s an excuse, but it’s one which can really challenge your views on who is a writer,


There is hardly a photo where these bestselling authors aren’t looking like they are models.  I, on the other hand, am a short, average looking woman.  I’ve not had a compliment on my looks in a long time, and I probably would be very surprised if someone said something.  Not to suggest that people don’t notice when I cut my hair or when I change my look, but I don’t normally get compliments.  This was a sticking point with me until I learned that most people have such a thing as photoshop, so all is not lost.  Becoming a writer is not about how you look, but about what you are willing to commit to, it’s about balance.  When I used both instinct and logic, my writing improved. Although this is due in large part to my editor.  It’s also a good way to balance what I do blogging.

Editors and teams are important in the life of writers.

Becoming a writer is about setting a goal, and creating your own small victories.  It’s about being logical and following your passion to the end.  It’s about balancing your own feelings with the reality of writing and making the choice to be a writer and to keep going until you have the life you want.


It’s about learning you can publish a book, and earn some money, but you will still work outside the home for steady income. Making money with writing is a means to see people approve of your work they bought the book, that’s the important thing. It’s about reading a book like The Book on Writing and then advancing step by step until you become the writer you were meant to be.  It’s about being logical and analytical, but also trusting your gut when you aren’t sure the numbers will help you.