Dare To Better Yourself And Write!

Admit it: you’ve hit a writing rut.  A very wide, very deep rut.  One that right about now seems to be far too deep to find a way out of it.  Everything seems to blah, and so… maybe if you try new something- but not really, you don’t have the spark the feeling of passion about writing and publishing you once had.

The truth is that we have all been there and done that.  The truth is that no one likes to admit that something in their life isn’t going the right way.  It is hard when you look at yourself in the mirror and simply want to tell the world where to go and how to do so.  For most of the year, you see a lot of hard things you have to deal with.  It isn’t fun; it’s tedious and mind numbing.  This is how you are living your life, and you want to be a writer, and this is what is it supposed to be like.  

Sorry, but welcome to a new life, one where you are responsible for your own rut, or your own journey.  Writers are not there to sit around and whine, they are there to sit down and write.  It’s a boring life when you admit to yourself you are writing from experience- or rather writing about things you wish were your own experiences. 

 You can argue the point with me that you are, positively, absolutely not in a rut- and I would doubt you the second you say it.  You wrote a book, and you published it, and by golly and by gosh, you are making money with it.  You can argue that you are not in a rut, as your actions speak louder than your words.  Except for that tone of voice, that reasoning of, “I spent 400 hours editing my work.” or “I will do it again, I just need time.”  Great job! I’m not saying you can’t do it, but there is something missing.

How about bettering yourself?

If you look back on last year and see what you have done, you might be in for a surprise.  You might even see that your goals weren’t clear. (Mine certainly were not. I needed to find out for myself I was in a rut, and I lacked motivation to write and publish.)  You might even find that the old saying, “There is always room for improvement.” holds true.  Are you living your life right?  Are you daring yourself to be better to write better to publish something fantastic?

Or does that seem like a waste of your life?  Live your dreams, live your life, challenge yourself.

Go on, I dare you to better yourself.

You might argue that I do not have any right to dare anybody; after all, you can take a look at this blog, and argue that I was in a rut for a while.  There is no denying that fact, but I am daring myself.  The idea that an old writer like me can learn some new tricks intrigues me.  You might even say that by daring you to better yourself, I am responsible for doing this as well.  In this, you are correct.

If I want to live my life, in terms of writing and life in general, then I have to get out of my rut.  I need to set the world on fire.  Even if you don’t think you are in a rut, now is a great time to find something new, something better and something bold.

This is not to say that this year will be better, but dare yourself to publish something incredible, or dare yourself to improve on any aspect of your life, go on…. the new you awaits.  Live your life, and dare.