Can Writing a Blog Help You Self-Publish?

Writers are a class on their won.  In fact we have an idea– and we write about it, and then we want to publish it.  Now, some will go the traditional publishing route, but I think it’s best to talk about self-publishing.

It is important to publish your work and for many, this means that they look to self-publishing.  Again you need to think of the definition of publishing— as you even publish a blog.  The point is that you will need to think of markets and editing and just about everything else.

The question is can writing a blog help you self-publish?

Well, in a sense, it will.  It gives you a chance to write for an audience, who will at times be willing to comment on your work, or are willing to tell you that you have made mistakes. They are your “eyes.”  If you learn from them, and you will!  These people will become a means to improve not only your blog but also your chances of having a successful book.  Remember that there is such a thing as a cost or budget for your self- publishing adventure.

The key to a successful book is to have it edited, and then have an audience.  If you learn about both when writing your blog, you will then have more success.  Still do your research about where you will self-publish, that is key. 

Oh, and quality content on your blog helps too!