I love Writing…. So Are you Writing a Book?

I love writing, and I am passionate about what I write, and I’ll write online articles and blogs and everything under the sun. In fact I simply enjoy writing.

Still, when saying that “I am writer” most people will ask “so are you writing a book?”

To this the answer is yes I am. I am writing a book, but it’s not out just yet. I have a draft completed. I am editing it.

Blank stares. I mean, of course I can understand that people who don’t write often don’t realize how much work goes into just about anything you write. Still I have to schedule a writing time, but really it is worth it when I can just sit back in my chair and write.

It would be nice to to see something like writing a book go a bit faster but speed up this process and the finished product will be poor. Reviews on amazon will not be kind to any writer who doesn’t reedit.

I love writing, this is true, and I love the process of writing, but editing is something I am working on. I have until the end of June.

For those who love to read a bit about publishing, I have a “work in progress” comment you can read here. love to hear about what you’d add to it.


  • lorlie6

    Hi Rebecca-
    I have only recently become comfortable in calling myself a writer. Within the last year, actually. It is so damnably definitive, it frightens me. To put yourself in such company is humbling, and I find myself wondering if my claim on this language is only a cruel ruse. An 'ego trip' if you will.
    So, I suppose you can see I am pretty passionate, yet still full of doubt!
    That's my take on it today; tomorrow I may be as confident as ever. Who knows?

  • Erin

    I call other people writers, my friends who are trying to write books as I am, but I don't call myself a writer often. I feel more like a wannabe since I'm 13. I have always loved writing, it's like an escape for me as reading is, but calling myself a writer makes me feel more important than I actually am. I mean, if you're 13 canyou actually be a writer?

  • Rebecca

    Erin– if you write and are whatever age, you are a writer, never let anyone tell you different. It is really all I wanted to even now… This doesn't mean it will be the only thing you'll do but it is the heart of everything that makes you a writer.