Emails and Publishing and Suggestions

I case you are wondering why I would even consider putting the email from yesterday up as a published post, but from now on Sunday is email publishing review day. The link to yesterday’s email is provided, so read the email and then my suggestions.

So couple of things:

1) Never send a professional email to anyone other than in black. Not blue not purple not green or any other fancy colour. Do this with friends, or family. If you are in doubt: use regular font and regular size, no bold or italics, and spell check.

2) This isn’t texting, or tweeting, so no “U” or “UR” or any slang. If you send this out people will not respond to it, and if they do, they won’t be easy on a blog or website you suggest to them.

3) Only after developing a working relationship, as in having done a few blog posts, or commented a lot on their blog can you relax.. to a degree. No, “hey you” or anything of that type, but it doesn’t need to be as formal.

These are just three, but I’ll let you jump in and decide what other things you’d suggest to this emailer with your personal experience.