Why Write A Blog?

Why do I ask this question, I am writing on a blog after all so why even ask? Why wouldn’t one write a blog.  It increases online presence, and it is yours, and you can create a business with it that would otherwise not be found in a much smaller network. Networking does start small, family and friends, but the point of a blog is to expand the social network to the point your writing becomes more “seen” by others outside of the first two networking circles you directly effect in your life. (The two smallest circles are: family and friends, and second, friends of friends)

Why write a blog is if it a networking tool?

From my limited experience it allows me a greater audience, I live in Canada, and many of my readers live in the United States or in other parts of the world (India, Ireland, Germany, Poland and many more) so how could I interact with them if I didn’t blog or even use the Internet.  For example, not only would I have limited access and use of more powerful tools of finding agents or publishers, then my options are waiting until the newest and most recent edition of Writer’s Market appears on my local bookshelf.  That is not good use of my creative juices as a writer.  Researching is part of what helps a writer, but it isn’t the only part of becoming a better writer.

write a blog
Why I write a blog

With my blog, I have the ability to power myself towards more becoming someone who has a responsibility to not only share my views of the writing world, but also to have a chance to change anything that challenges me as a writer.  Why write a blog?  It is best put that someone, somewhere will know of someone who can help me to improve my writing.  That is one of the reasons to write a blog.  It shouldn’t be the only reason.  Another is learning how to improve on what you have as a starting point.  If you want to have a book published and have sales, then it’s a point of not only promotion, but also how to have an audience who will sit down, read the blog, and actually give a damn.

Didn’t see that coming now did you?

That wasn’t expected, I know everyone who writes wants to hear at least some praise, and some praise comes from saying and writing things that matter to you. They are not Rhett Butler they do give a damn, so it’s something a person needs to remember. It’s one thing for me to write about how long it takes me to write a five hundred word blog post, but it’s entirely different when you say that this is one of the only ways I have as a creative outlet which makes me feel I have a voice.  As I am petite, and have a small sized voice, it is hard to imagine myself larger than life.  On my blog, I can take that step and be larger than life to a much larger network than I would otherwise have.

There is something to be said about writing.  First you have a dream and you want to see something good come out of what you have done in your writing career.  You have heard people say in no uncertain terms this might not be the best way to earn money, or to make a living.  Some might have outright laughed in your face.  Others, who don’t want to take time or effort have taking a lot longer to take writing away from you.  In this case, why would someone even think to write a blog about it?  Because they want to share their story, possibly find hope and joy in an otherwise challenging situation.  Their blog is their means to share, blogging is the reason they feel they can continue to dream of becoming a writer.

Writing a blog is a business.  There is potential money which can be earned, but this means a lot of sacrifice, and a blog doesn’t mean that there is a growth in the overall network you might have, but small things make a difference.  I’ve been writing for many years, and with a blog there is more of a sense I can do more, and be more as a writer and as a person who has a lot to share with the world.

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    Connecting with people with different ideas, different perspectives, different lives. It's inspiring. Makes me think about what's important and how I'm spending my life.

    I'm finally passing on the blogging award from 2 months ago me = bad blogger! thanks again 🙂